Dracula's Castle is a stage in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate based of the location of the same name in the Castlevania series. It is the home stage of Simon and Richter.

Stage Features

Dracula's Castle features two platforms to the left and right that move up and down. All the way to the right side is a set of stairs whose bottom half is broken off. Candles in the background can be destroyed, dropping items. Each end of the stage is surrounded by the darkness. Dracula's coffin appears in the background.

Background characters

During gameplay, various boss characters from Castlevania will make an appearance, including the Creature with Flea Man, Mummy, Medusa, Werewolf, Carmilla (in her giant mask form from Simon's Quest), and Death. Each enemy has their own entrance based on how they appeared during the original boss battle (such as Werewolf leaping through a window). The silhouette of Kid Dracula from the Kid Dracula spin-off game appears occasionally.

The silhouette of Dracula can also be seen when lightning strikes. Dracula himself appears as a boss in World of Light in a boss arena resembling Dracula's Castle, but with a flat and empty layout.

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