Dr. Potter is the seventh boss encountered in Luigi's Mansion 3. He is encountered and fought on the seventh floor after Luigi locates him at the greenhouse. Defeating Dr. Potter rewards Luigi with the elevator button to the eighth floor.


Dr. Potter is a green ghost with long, bushy white beard and eyebrow, brown glasses, and a yellow hat with a white flower sticking out. He wears a dark brown coat and backpack.

Luigi finds the eighth floor button seemingly unguarded, although before he can fully celebrate, he finds a watering can that causes a sapling to grow into a Venus flytrap, with Luigi accidentally feeding the button to the flytrap out of shock. Dr. Potter then reveals himself and taunts Luigi before watering more nutrients to the flytrap, causing it to become gargantuan in size. He then flees, although not before laughing at Luigi.

As Luigi tries to reach the top of the giant plant, Dr. Potter reappears to hinder his progress and terrorize him. He uses his watering can to grow branches off the plant to destroy the path and enormous pineapples to squish Luigi.

After Luigi gets the button out of the Venus flytrap (and is forced to backtrack back down to stable ground after dropping it to the ground), Dr. Potter then intercepts the button with a Venus flytrap of his own and then confronts Luigi, although Dr. Potter unintentionally has his flytrap expose a buzzsaw.

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