Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure (Dr. MARIO ギャクテン!特効薬 & 細菌撲滅 in Japan) is the latest entry in the Dr. Mario series of games and the first on the 3DS. It was published by Nintendo on the eShop in 2015. it compiles the past Dr. Mario games into one package and adds the new Miracle Cure mechanic, which helps the player clear the boards.


The game includes all three versions of Dr. Mario; Dr. Mario, Dr. Luigi and Virus Buster. The two proper ones have the Miracle Cure and it can be toggled on and off. All three support both online multiplayer and download play. Virus Buster also has a cooperative mode now too. The game can be played in

Miracle Cures

This new mechanic is utilized in the faster paced Dr. Mario modes. A vial next to the game bottle fills as the player puts in pills. Once it fills, the next thing the player drops is one of these Miracle Cures. The types clear pills and viruses in a certain manner. The V ones clears all things in the bottle of one color, the bombs clears things in the radius of the bomb and the arrows clear all in the direction of where the arrows are pointing respective of where it's placed.



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