Dr. Thomas Xavier Light is one of the main protagonists in the Mega Man series.

Mega Man 1

Light created Mega Man and Cut Man in order to save the world. However Cut Man ends up geting reprogramed by Dr.Wily and becomes a bad guy and eventually gets defeated by Mega Man. also When ever Mega Man gets a new weapon, Dr. Light will give him a message.

Mega Man 2

Light gives him messages gives Mega Man new messages. He tells Mega Man to save the world from Wily.


Dr. Light gives Mega Man various descriptions.

Other Media

Dr. Light appeared in every episode in the Mega Man cartoon. He has dark grey beard.

Dr. Light looked very different than in the Mega Man version in Captain N. He was a little hair and his hair and facial hair are white.

He also appeared in Super Adventure Rockman.


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