Dr. Doppler

Dr. Doppler is one of the main antagonists in Mega Man X3. He is the first Reploid scientist.


Dr. Doppler was controlled by Sigma to revive Vile back to life. He also summoned Bit and Byte to be the Nightmare Police. He's waiting to fight X at the end of the third Doppler stage. After the defeat of Doppler, he's never seen again, leaving him dead.


Dr. Doppler will shoot energy balls first at Mega Man X where he's staying on. Doppler will start charging himself to regenerate and let a fireball shield him and he'll dash when he's holding a fire crescent and then charge where Mega Man X is standing or staying on.

Other media

Dr. Doppler appears in the three Mega Man X books, Mega Mission, Rockman X3 manga and Rockman Remix.


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“You are strong... Strong enough to defeat Sigma...”


  • Dr. Doppler's name may be in reference to the Doppler Effect and a pun on Doppler Radar.
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