Dr. Coyle is a fighter in ARMS, introduced in the 5.0 Update in December 2017. She is the director of ARMS Laboratories, seeking to be the strongest ARMS Fighter. Her home stage is [NAME REDACTED]. She is also the creator of Helix, Hedlok, Springtron and the Party Crash program.

Appearance & Personality

Personal information

Here is her personal information according to the official website

  • Affiliation: ARMS Laboratories, Inc.
  • Height:  0b10110000 cm (176 cm)
  • Weight: 0o105 kg (69 kg)
  • Age: 0x30 (48)
  • Hobbies: None, only has time for ARMS


Dr. Coyle has several ability as an ARMS fighter. She can hover while jumping. When charging her ARMS, she can get a third one to deal more damage. She can also become invisible after getting knocked down or guarding.

Her personal ARMS are:

  • Lokjaw
  • Parabola
  • Brrchuk
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