Dr. Andonuts is a fictional scientist from the SNES game EarthBound and GBA game Mother 3. He is the father of the main character Jeff Andonuts and lives in his laboratory in Winters.

In EarthBound, Jeff finds his dad when he leaves the Snow Wood Boarding School. It is revealed he had not seen him in about 10 years. Here, he gives his son the Sky Runner, a flying vehicle in the shape of a UFO, so that he can go to Threed to meet Ness and Paula. Later, he invents the Phase Distorter with the help of genius boy Apple Kid and various Mr. Saturn, a time-traveling device that allows the party meet Giygas and fight him in the past.

In Mother 3, he is taken from his time to the future by Porky Minch, where he is forced to work for the Pig Mask Army, making various inventions.

Inventions Dr. Andonuts has made include the Instant Revitalizing Machine, a pod which heals its user just "like a good night's sleep"; the Phase Distorter; the Sky Runner; the Absolutely Safe Capsule, used by Porky Minch, and the Ultimate Chimera.

Name origin

In Japan, there are sweetened goods that are filled with a red paste called "an". They are commonly placed within donuts. Thus, donuts with this paste in it are called an-donuts. Outside of Japan, an-donuts aren't very well known, though are immensely popular within the country.

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