Double Dragon IV is a beat 'em up released for the Nintendo Switch in 2017. It acts as a sequel to original NES Double Dragon games with visuals inspired by those games.


The game is a co-op beat 'em up with the players controlling Billy and Jimmy. The game can played in single player with only one of the brothers.

The game features a survival mode called Tower Mode where the player fights waves of baddies on each screen to climb each floor of the tower. Completing higher floors unlocks characters for all the modes. There is also a secret boss that can be faced on high enough floors.

The game also features a Duel mode where up to 2 players can fight each other using techniques from the campaign. The mode starts with the two player characters but, more characters are unlocked by beating more of the campaign and tower mode.


The game takes place after the events of Double Dragon II: The Revenge with the Lee brothers spreading their martial art by establishing dojos. They are attacked by a new gang called the Renegades who teamed up with the Black Warriors to put an end to them finally.


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