Double Dragon II: The Revenge is the sequel to Double Dragon. This sidescrolling beat 'em up drastically differs in the console release from the arcade game. This game was also released on the Sega Genesis and the PC Engine.


NES Version 

The NES version of this game was produced by Technos and released in December 1989 and was localized by Acclaim Entertainment in January 1990. This is the version re-released on the Virtual Console. Unlike the arcade game, this game has a co-op mode. The Co-op mode had two different modes; Mode A where the player's attack didn't hurt his partner and Mode B, where the player's attack will. The English version also had difficulty settings which determined the length of the game, with the hardest difficulty hiding the final mission.

The game's story was slightly altered in the console. First, there are story sequences in-between stages to advance the plot. Next, the game is now divided into 9 stages instead of the Arcade's original 4, all redesigned. While most of the enemies return from the Arcade version, there are a few of them replaced like the Mysterious Warrior who serves as the game's final boss. The true ending of this game now has Marian brought back from death after the final boss is defeated.

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