The Double Cherry is a power-up introduced in Super Mario 3D World. Obtaining the cherry produces a clone of the player's character which also acts like an extra hit. The clone follows all the player's inputs as if it were the original. 


The Double Cherry is often placed several times throughout the level which it is located in. While not necessary for completion of the level, several secrets utilize the Cherries laid across the level. Some of these secrets are simply bypassed by having multiple players though. The maximum amount of clones one player can get is 4 in addition to the original. More cherries are present in levels when played in Multiplayer. Regardless of who was the original, each clone disappears with one hit to them. Each clone present when the player grabs the flagpole gives him or her 10000 points each.



  • The item was originally created from a glitch producing another Mario. The developers decided to keep it as a power-up.
  • Clones produced by the cherry can be stolen from one player to another by ground-pounding that player
  • Bowser uses this power-up in the second phase of the final fight with him.
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