Doshin the Giant (巨人のドシン Kyojin no Doshin?) is a game for the GameCube and the failed Nintendo 64DD. The game was never released in America, and was only released in Europe and Japan.

Doshin is a giant that is the reincarnation of the sun, and appears to the islanders of Barudo everyday. The natives utilize Doshin's size and abilities to build monuments or interact with each other in daily life. Doshin is known as the "Love Giant", a yellow, featureless giant with a happy face, a few strands of hair, and an outie belly button. It has an alter-ego named Jashin, which is the "Hate Giant", and has wings on its back, clawed feet, and also an outie belly button. Unlike Doshin, which is a benevolent, helpful being, Jashin is known to be a destructive force to the natives, the exact opposite to Doshin's nature.

Based on the number of good deeds done by Doshin, the natives will shower him with love (in the form of hearts), which would make him bigger (and more powerful in getting things done). The same thing can be said with Jashin, where based on the number of bad deeds, the natives will shower him with their dislike (in the form of skulls) and he can grow in size. Both can only do so for one day, as the size is reset as the next day arrives.

There are four tribes of natives on the island, each can be separated with the color of their clothing (red, blue, yellow, green). The female natives are dressed in a sleeveless, uni-colored gown (of their tribe's color). The male natives wear a kilt and hat of their tribe's color, but remain shirtless, also showing outie belly buttons. This game has 25 minute days each day the giants will shrink back to their normal sizes.



Originally released as one of the few 64DD (the Japan-only rewritable expansion to the N64) games. The Gamecube version includes new graphics but removes several features including an expansion pack that allowed to play as a different character.


The name Doshin is a modified onomatopoeia for the sound of the giants feet striking the earth.