Dorino is a lively town in 600 A.D. in Chrono Trigger.

Dorino is located on the northern portion of the Southwestern continent of the World Map. Zenan Bridge is located to the north, the Denadoro Mountains are to the west and Fiona's Villa is further south.


The Hero Appears

After defeating Zombor and retaking Zenan Bridge, Crono and his party pass through Dorino where everyone is talking about the "legendary hero". They find out this hero hails from Porre, so they venture further south.


Location Description
Dorino Inn Dorino Inn is a place for Crono and his party to rest and regain HP and MP.
Elder's House The Elder's House is where Crono again meets Toma and finds out he's searching for the Rainbow Shell.
Market The Market is a place for Crono and his party to stock up on supplies.
Residence The Residence is a place where Crono can talk to other people and develop the story further.

People and Enemies

There are no enemies in Dorino. The following is a list of important characters the player will encounter.

People Enemies


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