Dorcas is a playable character in Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade. He is first seen in Lyndis' story but joins Eliwood's group later on with his old friend Bartre.


Dorcas is originally a mercenary working for a group of bandits Lyndis and her friends are fighting, but after he finds out Lyndis is protecting his wife Natalie from the very same group of bandits he is working for, he decides to join her group. When asked why he was working as a mercenary, he says that he needs money for his injured wife's treatments. Later, in Eliwood's mode, Dorcas comes out of a village on the second turn, along with his rival and friend, Bartre. In Hector's mode, they both join when Eliwood's group is encountered. During chapter 15, in a conversation with Lyn, Dorcas revealed that some time after Lyn's group defeated Lundgren he and Natalie moved to Lycia and settle down in Pherae, where Natalie remains, waiting for Dorcas's return and hoping that Lyn would visit them.

At the end of the game, Dorcas ends up having earned the money he needed and returns home to his wife, Natalie, and buys her the needed care. He lives the rest of his life calmly with her, which implies that he was deceased before the War on Bern or that he simply was not involved in the violence at all.


  • The first US commercial for Fire Emblem made Dorcas somewhat infamous among the Fire Emblem fandom due to his in-commercial death due to "poisoned mutton". This fact in addition to the lines "What happened to Dorcas?" and "Build an army, trust nobody, Fire Emblem." are recurring jokes in the Fire Emblem fandom.
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