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Donkey Kong Racing is a canceled platformer/racing sequel to Diddy Kong Racing for the Nintendo GameCube. It was announced to combine Donkey Kong 64 and Diddy Kong Racing gameplay elements. It would have been an indirect sequel to Donkey Kong 64. This game was also going to feature Animal Buddies and enemies as rideable creatures.

Quote from Rareware site:

"Weren't expecting this one, were you? Roll up and experience all your favorite Kongs in some real in-your-face jungle racing action. The course of the game sees you careering through gorgeous landscapes in an effort to catch a ride, then refining your ever-expanding stable of steeds into real thoroughbreds by feeding them fruit and tempting them with prizes snatched up in mid-race... The power of the GameCube allows for some truly seamless environments teeming with all manner of wildlife - pick out the racing line amidst those marauding rhinos, hungry piranha or seething wasps if you can! Yes, you can even take a break from racing on land to hit the skies and waters, with a range of aquatic and airborne mounts adding further spice to the mix. Needless to say, this makes for a staggering variety of routes and inter-species racing tactics. With fully orchestral theme tunes in Dolby Surround, plus colossal environments existing in real-time and exhibiting real-world phenomena (swaying trees, fading sunlight, creeping shadows and so on), this is one absolutely not to be missed."

As stated by Rareware, it was due out in 2002, but the sale to Microsoft was imminent. Knowing this, Rareware focused their efforts on Star Fox Adventures instead due to the already cancelled Dinosaur Planet game for the Nintendo 64. Donkey Kong Racing was also never "officially" cancelled, due to it being ported to Xbox as Sabreman Stampede. The game is labeled as vaporware. Only a single pre-rendered video of it exists, no gameplay footage was ever released.





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