Donkey Kong Jr. Math (JP) is a game for the NES that consists of Donkey Kong Jr. solving Math problems to win. The game not only has a one-player mode but along with that it also has a two player mode. The game was released in Japan in December 1983 and was released in America in 1986. The game's characters feature Donkey Kong Jr. as the main, playable character, Donkey Kong, who will sit on top holding math problems, and a female version of Donkey Kong Jr.


The math problems that you'll be required to solve are very basic. There are no division problems, but instead, you'll have to determine the answers of addition, subtraction, and multiplication questions that, likewise, are also simple.

In the two-player version, the players compete to see who will solve the problem the fastest. The loser would have the same losing seen as in Donkey Kong Jr., with the flailing arms and bulging eyes, then the winner would be shown standing next to Donkey Kong Sr. while a heart appeared.

The only other way to lose to the game, besides getting too many math problems incorrect, was falling into the water.


The game received negative reviews. As a result, sales were very poor, and Nintendo considered it the worst game in their first launch lineup for the NES. It was also the only game in the first-run line's "Educational Series." The game's lack of sales was a possible sign for Nintendo to discontinue the Educational Series. However, the game was re-released in 2008 for the Wii Virtual Console.

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