Donkey Kong Island (also known as Kong Isle, DK Island or Donkey Kong Country, or Kongo Bongo Island in the animated series) is the Kongs birthplace, home of Donkey Kong and the rest of the Kong Family. It is a key location from the Donkey Kong series.


This is a small island of varying landscapes consisting jungles, ruins, forests, glaciers, caves and desert. During the Kremling Krew invasion, was established an industrial plant and mines across island. Unknowingly the glaciers was converted to volcano, because of Tikis freedom in Donkey Kong Country Returns or the heat of lava caves from Crystal Caves in Donkey Kong 64.

The island is revealed to be part of an archipelago consisting of smaller islands known collectively as the DK Isles, several of which are accessible as a global map of the Donkey Kong games.


In the Donkey Kong series, this island has been the target of frequent attempts at conquest, because of its nature beauty and the Banana Hoard stored in cave of DK's Treehouse. After the enemies defeat, DK Island has served as an inspiration to other islands.


Main Areas

  • Kongo Jungle: The Largest and most famous jungle on the entire island. Donkey, Diddy, Cranky, and many other Kongs reside here. It is the first world in Donkey Kong Country, and has appeared in many Mario and Donkey Kong games since.
  • Monkey Mines: Mines that border on ancient Kremling-built temples.
  • Vine Valley: This world takes place in a temperate forest on a cliff side near Gorilla Glacier. An ape-built Treetown is found here.
  • Gorilla Glacier: The peak of the mountain on Donkey Kong Island. Another Treetown is found here as well.
  • Kremkroc Industries Inc.: This was once a lush and green area of DK Island, but the Kremlings built their factories, and the place became polluted. It is assumed that the Industries were closed down long ago, but there are still plenty of Kremlings roaming about the area.
  • Chimp Caverns: Caverns and mines in the side of Donkey Kong Island.
  • Monkey Mountain: A monkey head shaped in mountain with cliffs and reach the clouds.

Levels in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

Locations outside Donkey Kong series

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