These are the soundtracks for Donkey Kong Country Returns.

Donkey Kong Returns Original Sound Track

Donkey Kong Returns Original Sound Track is the soundtrack to Donkey Kong Country Returns for the Wii. It was available for Japanese Club Nintendo members with members who registered their copy of Donkey Kong Country Returns before January 31, 2012 able to purchase it at a 150 point discount. It is one disc containing 25 tracks.

Track List

# Title Length Composer Arranger
01 Donkey Kong Returns 1:36 Yukio Kaneoka Kenji Yamamoto
02 Donkey Kong Island 1:15 Eveline Fischer unknown
03 The Tiki Tribe Appears! 1:15 Minako Hamano Minako Hamano
04 Banana Jungle 2:36 David Wise unknown
05 Bonus Stage 2 0:54 David Wise unknown
06 Paku-Paku Panic 2:09 David Wise unknown
07 Cranky Kong's Shop 1:17 David Wise unknown
08 Sunset Coast 2:23 Minako Hamano Minako Hamano
09 Big Jumps in the Cart! 2:08 David Wise unknown
10 Lift Beach 2:55 unknown unknown
11 Storm Beach 2:13 Eveline Fischer unknown
12 Barrel Cannon Maze 2:02 Eveline Fischer unknown
13 Stu, the Eerie Bird 1:25 unknown unknown
14 Moguriya Construction Site 1:25 unknown unknown
15 Pine Forest 1:42 Eveline Fischer unknown
16 Cave of Flying Tiki Dollies 2:08 Eveline Fischer unknown
17 Mangoruby, the Mysterious Chaser 2:10 Eveline Fischer unknown
18 Lift-and-Lower Floor Valley 1:59 Eveline Fischer unknown
19 Conveyor Smasher 2:47 David Wise unknown
20 Thrill! Gear Flight 1:26 unknown unknown
21 Rock 'n' Rolling 1:56 David Wise unknown
22 Doctor Chicken, the Robo-Master 2:06 unknown unknown
23 Fire Castle 2:19 unknown unknown
24 Tiki Tong's Theme 2:43 unknown unknown
25 Ending Staff Roll 3:37 David Wise
Kenji Yamamoto
Kenji Yamamoto
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