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Donkey Kong Country was a CGI animated series that aired on Fox Kids and ABC Family from 1997 and 2000. The animated series first premiered in France in 1996 and was later dubbed in English and brought to the United States. The show featured Donkey Kong and his friends, trying to protect the Crystal Coconut from the evil King K. Rool and his minions.



  • Donkey Kong (DK for short): the future ruler of Kongo Bongo Island and protector of the Crystal Coconut. Donkey Kong is strong, loyal to his friends and a little...dumb. His girlfriend is Candy.
  • Diddy Kong: Diddy is DK's best friend and sidekick, and he's happy with things that way. Diddy is usually skeptical about most of DK's...bolder decisions. Diddy's love interest is with Dixie.
  • Cranky Kong: Cranky's name says it all. He grumpy, old, and sometimes even a little harsh. But that doesn't mean he doesn't have a sense of humor or feelings. The Crystal Coconut rests in Cranky's Cabin.
  • Funky Kong: Funky is a surfer who lives on the beach and runs Funky's Flights, the only flying delivery ape on the island. Funky believes in karma and is usually very forgiving. Funky usually hates fighting.
  • Bluster Kong: Bluster is considered a sleeze who is constantly hitting on Candy (his only employee). He runs Bluster's Barrel Works, a barrel-making factory. Bluster is a coward who always seems to be getting trapped in his own barrels.
  • Candy Kong: Candy is DK's tomboyishly beautiful, sweet but short-tempered girlfriend. She makes great banana cream pies(which she bakes for Cranky every Tuesday)and often wrongfully blames DK for things that happen to her.
  • Dixie Kong: Dixie is a Kong who rarely appears on the show. She is known for liking Diddy and often losing her pets.


  • King K. Rool: He is the king of the Kremlings. His name is a pun of "cruel". K. Rool is always wanting the Crystal Coconut and often hatches plans to obtain it.
  • General Klump: Loyal to King K. Rool, he is not the sharpest tool in the shed. Klump doesn't really need DK to foil his own plans, he does it himself most of the time. His only known family is his older brother, Captain Skurvy.
  • Krusha: Krusha is the muscular, five-year-old-IQ bodyguard to K. Rool. He usually accompanies Klump on his spying missions.
  • Junior the Giant Klaptrap: His teeth were stolen by Captain Skurvy. After helping DK and Diddy, they get his teeth back. He also rarely appears on the show.


  • Captain Skurvy: Captain of the pirate crew, Skurvy sails the seven seas looking for booty, including the Crystal Coconut.
  • Green Croc: Skurvy's first mate.
  • Kutlass: Skurvy's second mate.
  • Eddie the Mean Old Yeti: Eddie the Yeti isn't old. He isn't even that mean. He's just short-tempered and dumb as Krusha. Eddie lives in the white mountains, separated from the Kongs and Kremlings.


Season 1

# Episode title US airdate
(Fox Family)
1 Bad Hair Day August 23, 1998
2 Ape Foo Young September 9, 1998
3 Booty and the Beast September 13, 1998
4 Barrel, Barrel... Who's Got the Barrel? December 28, 1998
5 Kong for a Day September 20, 1998
6 Raiders of the Lost Banana August 30, 1998
7 From Zero to Hero September 27, 1998
8 Buried Treasure October 4, 1998
9 Cranky's Tickle Tonic October 11, 1998
10 Get a Life, Don't Save One October 18, 1998
11 Orangutango November 1, 1998
12 Double Date Trouble December 13, 1998
13 The Curse of Kongo Bongo October 25, 1998
14 Speed November 8, 1998
15 Klump's Lumps November 15, 1998
16 Bluster's Sale Ape-Stravaganza November 15, 1998
17 Legend of the Crystal Coconut December 29, 1998
18 Kong Fu November 22, 1998
19 I Spy with My Hairy Eye August 15, 1998
20 Bug a Boogie November 29, 1998
21 Watch the Skies November 29, 1998
22 Baby Kong Blues December 6, 1998
23 Ape-Nesia December 13, 1998
25 To the Moon Baboon December 6, 1998
24 The Big Chill Out August 16, 1998
26 A Thin Line Between Love and Ape December 20, 1998

Season 2

# Episode title US airdate
(Fox Family)
27 Hooray for Holly-Kongo Bongo January 7, 2000
28 The Kongo Bongo Festival of Lights December 23, 1999
29 Speak No Evil, Dude January 12, 2000
30 The Day the Island Stood Still January 19, 2000
31 Monkey Seer, Monkey Do January 31, 2000
32 Four Weddings and a Coconut March 3, 2000
33 Vote of Kong-Fidence April 7, 2000
34 Follow That Coconut April 14, 2000
35 The Big Switch-A-Roo May 5, 2000
36 Hunka Hunka Burnin' Bluster June 2, 2000
37 Best of Enemies June 09, 2000
38 It's a Wonderful Life June 16, 2000
39 Just Kidding July 07, 2000
40 Message in a Bottle Show January 21, 2000


  • In Donkey Konga 3, the Japanese opening and ending theme appearing as a rhythm.