Donkey Kong Classics is a compilation cartridge for the Nintendo Entertainment System featuring two classic Donkey Kong arcade games, Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Jr.. This game combined the two ports that were previously available on the NES.

Player Modes

  • 1 Player Game A
  • 1 Player Game B
  • 2 Player Game A
  • 2 Player Game B

Donkey Kong


  • Mario The main hero, who is on the rescue his girlfriend Pauline.
  • Pauline Who is kidnapped by Donkey Kong.


  • Barrel - Donkey Kong throws it in Level 1. Makes Mario flat.
  • Fire Ball -  After the barrel goes into the oil barrel, It turns into the Fire ball.
  • Spring - Donkey Kong throws the Spring in Level 3.
  • Fire Snake Scene in Level 4.


  • Jumping over obsticles - Worth 100 points.
  • Hammer - Use to hit the obstacles (Worth 500 points).
Note: You cannot jump while using this item.
  • Umbrella - Worth 800 points.
  • Handbag - Worth 800 points.

Donkey Kong Jr.

Donkey Kong Jr. is a sequel to Donkey Kong.


  • Donkey Kong Jr.- The main hero of the game.
  • Donkey Kong - Who has been kidnapped by Mario.
  • Mario - The main bad guy (from the previous Donkey Kong game).
  • Blue Crocodiles - Those are trained by Mario to attack DK Jr. in Level 1.
  • Red Crocodiles - Those like to attack DK Jr. on Level 1 and Level 4.
  • Bats - Trained by Mario in Level 2.
  • Lightning Ball - Trained by Mario in Level 3.
  • Birds - Trained by Mario in Level 4.


  • Banana - Drops the Enemies for 800 points.
  •  Apple - Drops the Enemies for 500 points.
  • Pineapples - Drops the Enemies for 100 points.
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