Donkey Kong 3 is a Micro VS. Game & Watch video game released in 1984 by Nintendo. It is one of three multiplayer Game & Watch video games. The model number for Donkey Kong 3 is AK-302, with the AK standing for Attack Kong. The game, while bearing the same title, is entirely different from the arcade game Donkey Kong 3. In this game, one player will control Stanley, and the other will control Donkey Kong. Nintendo manufactured 250,000 units of the game worldwide.

As is the case with all Game & Watch games, Donkey Kong 3 features a clock and an alarm. The alarm can be set when the player pushes a sharp object in the alarm switch. If done correctly, an image of a bell will appear on the screen. Once the time arrives, the bell will start moving, and the alarm will sound, the latter of which only occurring if the player isn't playing the game.

The original game and an enhanced version were included in the Game Boy Advance game Game & Watch Gallery 4. In the enhanced version, literally, everything was improved. Mario replaced Stanley, and the multiplayer mode returned, though as in the original you could play against a computer.


Controller one will operate Stanley's movements, while the second one will move Donkey Kong. In the game, both Stanley and Donkey Kong have their own gardens. A swarm of bees has overtaken the greenhouse, and both Donkey Kong and Stanley want to protect their gardens. The bees will start in the middle, and both Donkey Kong and Stanley, using their water guns, will shoot the bees to move them closer to the opponent's side. Once the bee reaches the opponent's side, it'll contaminate their garden.

In Game A, the player will play against a computer opponent, though in Game B it'll be against another player. The objective of Game A is to score as many points as possible. The maximum score that will be displayed is 9999 points. A point is added when the player shoots a bee. When a bee gets to Donkey Kong's garden, the player will receive 10 points. When three bees reach Stanley's side, the game is over. In Game B, each player starts with 50 points. When a bee reaches a player's garden, their points are subtracted. Whoever reaches zero first losses, if there is a player who is significantly better than another player, then they can set handicaps.

Game & Watch Gallery 4 version

In Game & Watch Gallery 4, the original game and an enhanced version are included. In the enhanced game, Mario has replaced Stanley, though Donkey Kong remains as the other character. Instead of taking place in a greenhouse, you'll play in a haunted mansion, though the overall premise remains the same. Instead of bees, you'll fire water at Boos and fireballs.