These are quotes said by Donkey Kong.


  • "Banana slamma!!"
  • "Hmmm, to know everything, I must give up everything... HEY! Little buddy, I'm giving you my tie collection!"
  • "Ohh... feels like I got the stuffing knocked out of me... Oh no! I did get the stuffing knocked out of me! Where's my stuffing?!"
  • "Arr, you got me confused with someone else. I'm Donkey Croc the pirate, arr, and I'm looking for Donkey Kong the... [mimics monkey] ...ape."
  • "That's not mine! Look, there's still a piece of banana inside! I never leave a banana bit! Can I have it?"
  • "I've never known any problem that couldn't be solved with a little nap."
  • "Help, Diddy! I've fallen, and I can't get up! Can you pass me a banana, little buddy?"
  • "It's hard to believe anybody this cute could have everybody so mad at him."
  • "It's more fun bein' in one of these biplanes than on top of some skyscraper!"


DK: Boy, it sure is nice having the Crystal Coconut back.
Cranky: You can say that again!
DK: Boy, it sure is nice having...

Cranky: Now zip your lip and listen! I've got something that'll snap Eddie the Mean Old Yeti out of his mean old mood!
DK: Eddie's not the only one who could use some of that.
Cranky: I heard that!

Inca Dinka Du: Donkey... share... everyone.
Diddy: No kidding! Tell DK and it'll be all over Kongo Bongo before you can say "Spill the Beans"!
DK: What do you mean? I can keep a secret!
Diddy: Yeah, right. Like the time I told you about my rash? And the time Cranky told you about his rash? And the time Candy told you about her...
DK: Allrightallrightallright! I get the picture!

DK: What's [Leonardo DeAperio] got that I don't have?
Diddy: Well, movie-star good looks, movie-star fame, movie star money...
DK: I've been in lots of movies.
Candy: Huh?
DK: Every Saturday afternoon I sit right in the front row.
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