Domino Effect is a 4-player and a duel minigame appearing in Mario Party DS.


The area appears to take place in a forest with grass and trees surrounding the area. There are also domino-carved wood appears to be in the area, meaning that a tree possibly could've been chopped town and have the wood shaped like dominoes. There are also two tree stumps in-between these domino-shaped wood.


The purpose of the minigame is for players to hop on all of the wooden-carved dominoes and cross them all. There are buttons, either A, B, X, and Y which appears over the wood and the corresponding button must be pressed in order to advance onto the next domino-carved wood. If the wrong button is pushed, the player is prevented from hopping any further for a little while. Also, if not quick, players can be caught in the domino-carved wood once it tumbles down. The main goal is whoever crosses all of the dominoes carved like wood starting from the left log to the right first gains victory, meaning he/she wins.

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