Dokyusei 2(JP) is a dating sim video game for the Super Famicom developed and published by Banpresto. It was released in 1997 via Nintendo Power cartridges.[1]

The game is a port of the home computer game of the same name by élf, and it is part of the Dokyusei series. The only other Dokyusei title published for any of Nintendo's consoles is Jankyusei ~Cosplay Paradise~.


The player plays as a male high school student (named "Ryunosuke"(JP) by default). In the winter vacation of the last school year (from December 22 to January 7), the student must choose one girl to have as his girlfriend. There are 15 choices for the student to make, some are classmates and others are people who are in the city. The student has to meet with the girl and get close enough with her to the point where she would willing to become his girlfriend.


  • Narusawa Yui (鳴沢 唯)
  • Mizuno Tomomi (水野 友美)
  • Shinohara Izumi (篠原 いずみ)
  • Minamikawa Yoko (南川 洋子)
  • Kato Minori (加藤 みのり)
  • Maijima Karen (舞島 可憐)
  • Sugimoto Sakurako (杉本 桜子)
  • Tsuzuki Kozue (都築 こずえ)
  • Narusawa Misako (鳴沢 美佐子)
  • Nonomura Misato (野々村 美里)
  • Yasuda Azumi (安田 愛美)
  • Tanaka Misa (田中 美沙)
  • Nagashima Sachiko (永島 佐知子)
  • Nagashima Kumiko (永島 久美子)
  • Katagiri Mirei (片桐 美鈴)
  • Saionji Aritomo (西御寺 有友)
  • Nagaoka Yoshiki (長岡 芳樹)
  • Kawajiri Akira (川尻 あきら)
  • Tendo Shinkansen (天道 新幹線)


Dokyusei 2 has a hidden sound test feature.


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