Dokapon Kingdom (JP) is a role-playing game produced for the Wii console by Sting. Released in American and Japanese regions in 2008, the game reached the European shores two years later on behalf of Bigben Interactive. The name of the title is directly taken from the name of the kingdom in-game.

Originally released for the PS2 system, this game was followed up with a similar iteration for the handheld DS console a year later, called Dokapon Journey.


The game has been designed as an interesting mixture of two genres; it takes the traditional party board elements akin to the Mario Party series, and combines this with RPG elements such as battles against enemies, with an overlaying storyline.


The premise of the game is set in the Dokapon kingdom that is under attack from monsters, forcing the king to give away his princess for protection. A group of adventurers pop up to save the kingdom and seek the princess' hand in marriage.

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