Dodo is Valentina's assistant and a minor recurring boss in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. Although Dodo has to put up with Valentina's physical and verbal abuse, he remains loyal to her until the end, and merely vents his repressed anger by pecking the golden statues of his boss that he was supposed to polish. His name comes from the extinct bird Dodo, which are generally depicted as being fat and simple-minded in fiction.


Dodo was a vital member of Valentina's plan to take over Nimbus Land. It was Dodo's job to impersonate Prince Mallow, the long lost heir to the Nimbus Land throne. Although Dodo was obviously a large bird, he fooled the populace of Nimbus Land into thinking he was actually the prince. During the coup, "Prince Mallow" proposed to Valentina, thus allowing her to "legally" become queen.

When Mario and the real Mallow arrive in Nimbus Land, they decide to set things right. The master sculptor Garro disguises Mario as a golden statue and delivers him to the castle. Then Mario is placed with the other statues, and must avoid being caught by the statue-pecking Dodo. If Mario successfully fools the bird, he earns the Feather, which can increase his speed. If he fails, Mario fights and defeats Dodo.

Regardless, Mario and company eventually reach the throne room to challenge Valentina and liberate Nimbus Land. However, Valentina and Dodo both run away. But since the large Dodo is not a fast runner, Mario eventually catches up with him. Then the two duke it out for a second battle. Alternatively, Mario can grab a Super Star and become invincible, allowing him to simply run into Dodo to defeat him.

Eventually, Valentina and Dodo escape the palace. However, the suspicious public begins to question their future queen as they begin to see through her lies. Mario and company arrive right behind her, engaging her in battle. During the battle, Dodo challenges the party member that is in the middle. If this lone party member loses, the game ends. Eventually, Dodo is defeated for a third time and he returns to aid his boss. However, Mario and company overcome the duo, and Dodo and Valentina fly away. Nimbus Land returns to a state of peace.

The two villains wind up in on Booster's tower when Valentina lands on his balcony. Booster immediately decides to marry Valentina, and she accepts, with Dodo presiding over the wedding in Marrymore.


  • The Psychopath thought of the Machine Made version of Axem Yellow is identical to that of Dodo's.
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