KPR Doctor

Doctor Kirby is one of Kirby's copy abilities. It was introduced in Kirby: Planet Robobot. It can be obtained from a Chemitory. Doctor Kirby can throw pills and create concoctions. Kirby wears a head mirror and glasses and a white labcoat with this ability.


Doctor Kirby's attacks are generally all medical-based. His main ability is the ability to throw pills which he can charge by holding B which fires multiple pills that bounce differently. He has a dash attack in this form where he charges ahead with a clipboard. The most unique ability is his Science Lab which Kirby can craft one of four concoctions to drink or attack. The red one spouts a powerful flame. The blue freezes enemies above it. The third is yellow and fires balls of electricity in random directions. The final concoction is green and can be used to restore health. The concoctions are used immediately unless Kirby jumps or guards on finishing.

In Team Kirby Clash, he is the healer class, Doctor Healmore. Most of his moveset remains the same except he has a healing move instead of charging the pills. This creates a healing area that heals more based on how much it is charged between three levels. The size of the area increases with each level as well.


Doctor Kirby made its debut in Kirby: Planet Robobot. Since then, it has appeared in the following games

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