Dobkeratops during the events of R-Type.

Dobkeratops (also known as Doppelganger) is the first boss of the game R-Type and one of the most recurring boss of the R-Type series.


Dobkeratops was the boss of the first level of R-Type, The Encounter. Dobkeratops' only weakness was a small green creature in the middle of the middle of Dobkeratops body. Eventually, Dobkeratops was defeated and the R-9 Arrowhead could access the gateway to another dimension that the gigantic Bydo was guarding.

R-Type II/Super R-Type

Main article: Subtom

During the events of R-Type II and Super R-Type, the Bydo Empire found the remain of Dobkeratops, they encased the corpse of the Bydo in an armor and turned him into a "cosmic destroyer". Subtom guarded a former base of the Bydo Empire, Dobkeratops was also featured in his original R-Type appearance on the American box-cover of Super R-Type, however, Dobkeratops only appeared as Subtom in that game.

R-Type III: The Third Lightning

R-Type 3 Dobkeratop

Dobkeratops (actually Phantom Cell) in R-Type III.

Dobkeratops himself didn't actually appear in R-Type III: The Third Lightning, however, he was one of the transformation of Phantom Cell, along with others R-Type bosses.

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