Doan lives in Arris Dome in 2300 A.D. in Chrono Trigger.


Beyond the Ruins

When Crono and his party arrive at Arris Dome, they are greeted by Doan. Doan is the descendant of the Director of the Info Center located at Arris Dome. Living in the devastated post-apocalyptic world, they are weak and hungry. Crono agrees to help them by battling the Guardian robot and it's Bits to access the refrigeration area where the food is kept. But when Crono and his friends return, they find out that the refrigeration unit had failed and the food had gone bad. Crono did find a seed while down there, so he hands it over to the people of Arris Dome and Doan agrees to plant it in hopes that it will grow in their devastated world.

Doan gives them the Bike Key so they can use the Jet Bike, which was once owned by Doan, in Lab 32. Crono and his party then leave Arris Dome and venture east.

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