The Divine Beasts are five machines created by the Sheikah more than 1000 years before the events of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. They are titanic machines armed with heavy Sheikah weaponry and shaped like animals. All four of them must be piloted by a chosen champion.

Vah Ruta

BotW Divine Beast Vah Ruta Icon.png

The Divine Beast Vah Ruta is shaped like an elephant, and its element is water. The trunk is opposable and can spew an infinite amount of water. It can even spray water into its interior, which causes a large waterwheel to turn, allowing access to the upper sections of the Divine Beast. Ruta is also capable of using the Cryonis rune to protect itself. Its Main Control Unit is located at the Divine Beast's rear. Ruta is named after Ruto, the ancient Sage of Water. Its chosen pilot was Mipha, Princess of the Zora.

Vah Rudania

BotW Divine Beast Vah Rudania Icon.png

The Divine Beast Vah Rudania is shaped like a salamander. Its element is fire. It has four compartments near each of its legs that store Guardian Sentries, which helps it detect any nearby threats. Rudania can climb vertically like an actual salamander, and doing this rotates the interior of the Divine Beast by 90 degrees. The Main Control Unit is located on the top deck, in the center of the Beast's back. Its name, Rudania, is an anagram of Darunia, the ancient Sage of Fire. Its chosen pilot was Daruk, the Goron warrior.

Vah Medoh

BotW Divine Beast Vah Medoh Icon.png

The Divine Beast Vah Medoh is shaped like an eagle. It represents the element of wind. To protect itself, it uses a force shield maintained by four generators - one on each wing, one near its head, and one near its tail. The middle section, the wings, can tilt side to side. This is normally used to help Medoh turn in the air, but it also re-orients the interior of the Divine Beast. The Main Control Unit is located on the top deck, between the Beasts wings. It is named after Medli, the ancient Sage of Earth. Its chosen pilot was Revali, the Rito warrior.

Vah Naboris

BotW Divine Beast Vah Naboris Icon.png

The Divine Beast Vah Naboris is shaped like a camel. Its element is thunder. The "humps" are actually powerful lightning generators, which it uses to protect itself. The interior of the Divine Beast is split into three cylinders, each of which can rotate a full 360 degrees. The center cylinder contains the Main Control unit on one side of a platform, and a Sheikah power source on the other side. It is named after Nabooru, the ancient Sage of Spirit. Its chosen pilot was Urbosa, the Gerudo chieftain.