Disney Magical World (JP) is a game for the Nintendo 3DS. It is in some ways similar to Animal Crossing as you hang out with Disney characters and customize your home and clothes.


Limited Edition

In Japan, the game launched with a bundle. This was a limited time Disney-themed 3DS XL that was white and covered with the standard Mickey Mouse heads and the game's logo.

In North America, the game launched with a Gamestop-exclusive bundle. The bundle included the Pink and White 2DS, a digital copy of the game installed on the pack-in SD card and a special Disney-themed carrying case. North America also got the limited Mickey themed 3DS XL, but it was exclusive to Walmart.


Disney Magical World has received mostly positive reviews, scoring 81 on Metacritic and 77.83% on GameRankings. Famitsu gave the gave 34 (9,8,8,9) out of 40.

The game sold 119.154 in its first week in Japan. As of March 31, 2014, the game has sold 497, 261 copies.

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