Disney's Magical Mirror Starring Mickey Mouse (JP) is a GameCube video game released in 2002 by Capcom and published by Nintendo. The game was a title starring Disney's most successful and popular property Mickey Mouse. The game is a point and click adventure where the player moves an on screen cursor to direct where the player character moves and does.


Mickey Mouse is sleeping and a ghosts sends him into a world that is accessed through a magical mirror. Mickey Mouse's goal is to now get out by finding pieces to a mirror that leads back out to the real world.


Disney's Magical Mirror is a point and click adventure starring Mickey Mouse. The joystick controls the cursor in the game, and the A button selects. If the player presses the B button, it will stop Mickey Mouse in his tracks if he is walking.

There are two difficulty modes in the game. The easiest mode is called Kids mode, and it is as its name suggests is made for the audience that the game is generally geared towards. The player barely has to do anything challenging and is recommended for kids six or younger. Normal mode is the main mode where you have to do the actions.


Mickey falls into a dream where a troublesome ghost traps a dream version of himself in a magic mirror. Trapped in an alternate universe identical to his own house, Mickey desires to wake up from this dreamlike state, however the ghost shatters the mirror, turning the magic mirror into a normal mirror. After Mickey wakes up, he goes downstairs to get something to eat.


At Nintendo's Space World 2001, a Disney title was announced which was assumed to be like the vein of Disney's Magical Quest on the Super NES. But upon Nintendo announcing the product at E3 2002, this was proved that it was a completely different game instead.

This game's plot was based on "Thru the Mirror", a 1936 Mickey Mouse cartoon. The opening sequence also plays out similar to the beginning of the cartoon, even perfectly replicating Mickey's "walk through the mirror" animation. One part later in the game, where Mickey grows to a tremendous size then shrinks to a minuscule size, was also replicated exactly as in the cartoon.


The game was generally given negative review scores. For the most part, the player is given no instructions and cut scenes are limited to watching Mickey get chased or falling through to the next area. The game was also criticized because the controls are unreasonably unresponsive as Mickey will just wander off on his own even if players tell him otherwise.[citation needed]

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