Disney's Chicken Little is a game for the Nintendo GameCube and Game Boy Advance based on the movie of the same name. The console version was handled by Avalanche Software while the handheld version was developed by Artificial Mind and Movement. It received a sequel, titled Disney's Chicken Little: Ace in Action for the Wii and Nintendo DS



  1. Late for School
  2. Dodgeball Hall
  3. Goosey Chase
  4. Uniform Hunt
  5. Batting Practice
  6. The Big Game
  7. Carpool Craze
  8. Backyard Pursuit
  9. Space Simulator
  10. Alien Abby
  11. Runaway Runt
  12. Space Alarm
  13. Space Simulator II
  14. Tube Surf
  15. Cornfield Escape
  16. Cannon Chaos
  17. Firetruck Frenzy
  18. Tube Tumble
  19. Alien Little
  20. Gravity Grab
  21. Space Simulator III
  22. Final Boss
  23. Runt's Escape
  24. Space Armada


  • Drone Dash
  • Pig Paddle
  • Super Speedway
  • Space Shooter
  • Saucer Smash
  • Walker War
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