A list of quotes made by Disco Kid.

Punch-Out!! (Wii)

First Fight

  • "You ready for this? Yeah, Disco Kid!" (before match)
  • "I've got the disco fever! Can you feel the rhythm?" (during intermission)
  • "Step it up, Mac. Where's your hustle?" (during intermission)
  • Here it comes! (Before he tries to do his strong punch)

Title Defense

  • "5, 6, 7, 8. And stretch, and back, and down. Now flex, and straight! Let's go." (before match)
  • "C'mon Mac, feel the burn! Let's work it!" (during intermission)
  • "I have a three-step program for you. I punch you. You fall down. I win!" (during intermission)
  • "I could teach you how to move. One, two, three!" (before performing special technique)
  • "Whee! Whoo! I am fab-u-lous." (during intermission)
  • "Uhhhhhhhhh....... Gotcha!" (after missing Mac's star punch)
  • "Ahhhhhh......... Uh-Uhhh!" (after missing Mac's star punch)
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