Dino Dino Jungle is a course found in Mario Kart: Double Dash!!. It is going to reappear in Mario Kart 7 for the Nintendo 3DS system.


Mario Kart: Double Dash!!

Dino Dino Jungle appeared as a second track of Special Cup. Unlike all the other jungles, this jungle belongs to Yoshi, not DK (Donkey Kong). There are no bananas or DK barrels in this course. You think it is in ancient time-yes it is, were the dinosaurs are and it resemble Triassic times and Jurassic times. These dinosaurs are smiling and harmless. You might think it is the longest track in the game and it takes approximately 3 minutes ( or 2-4-5 minutes). There are trees, but they don't always resemble the ones from DK's jungles.

Layout: You start in the beginning of the prehistoric jungle. The road is usually mud because it's brick brown. The are white branches in the course but don't worry about them because they aren't always gimmicks. You'll see the smiling, powder blue Sauropod dinosaur (Brontosaurus) that acts as a massive obstacle. It will play cheerfully in this course by stomping gently at the road without any footprints. You have to avoid its leg by staying away from its shadow. Enter the yellow cave showing a paint about Yoshi in ancient, Egyptian-like times. You'll see 3 dangerous bridges which has no guardrail to protect you from falling into the calm, flowing water. Go inside freezing cavern with sticky mud and geysers that will suck you away into the air. But you can use them to protect you from spiky Blue Shell's attack when active. Go on the yellow bridge while avoiding happy Sauropod's head and neck which will block you. Go on the white road and you'll see quad geysers blasting out immediately and vice versa. Then head to finish.

Mario Kart 7

Dino Dino Jungle reappeared as a second track of Lightning Cup. It is exactly the same as the original one, but you can perform tricks on the white branches. The flying red dinosaur and Loch Ness Monster plesiosaurs and all of dinosaurs except the blue Sauropod are now extinct (unknowingly when meteorite or volcano erupts). The mud shortcut now has brand new blue gliding pad. When you exit the cavern, there is also gliding pad where you could have short flight above the bridge with the Sauropod in it.

Ghost data

2.29.837 for NinIwaco selecting Yoshi.

2.14.430 for RetWill selecting Yoshi.

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