The Dimension Mirror is an object that is first seen in Kirby & the Amazing Mirror. It is a mirror that also serves as a portal to the Mirror World, hence its name.


The Dimension Mirror possesses a golden frame and two wings, with a large, elliptical mirror sitting in between; the mirror itself appears to be iridiscent, which suitably gives an air of mystery and magic to it. Other features include a crown placed atop the mirror and four white stars spread evenly along the circumference of the mirror, lending to its grand and splendorous appearance.

Game appearances

Kirby & the Amazing Mirror

This is the game where the Dimension Mirror marks its first appearance; it is seen in the background of Meta Knight's and Dark Meta Knight's duel. Meta Knight loses and his evil counterpart activates the mirror's power. The mirror proceeds to engulf Meta Knight. Dark Meta Knight then slices the mirror to bits with his sword to make sure Meta Knight cannot escape his prison.

Kirby finds the mirror's shards in various locations as he attempts to save his mysterious mentor. Once he finds the pieces, Kirby reassembles the mirror and storms the mirror world to beat Dark Meta Knight. Kirby does so, and he and Dark Mind, the true tyrant, square off.

Kirby: Triple Deluxe

The Dimension Mirror later appears in Kirby Triple Deluxe, where it appears in the extra game, reusing its design from the previous game. After he defeats Queen Sectonia, King Dedede finds the Dimension Mirror. He and his mirror counterpart then square off. After Shadow Dedede is defeated, King Dedede climbs into the mirror, where he and Dark Meta Knight square off. Despite his newfound power, Dark Meta Knight falls. King Dedede uses his hammer to crush the dimension mirror's frame (leading to its desecration as it collapses) and escapes the Mirror World.

It is heavily implied that the Dimension Mirror warped Queen Sectonia into the tyrant she is today, after Taranza gave it to her as a gift. As a result, her heart became scarred and she lorded her power, abusing the Floralians and jailing the People of the Sky.

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