Digitamamon is a Ultimate Level Digimon or digital monster that is an eggshell with dinosuar feet and golden glowing eyes. It is a perfect Digimon who seems to have nearly infinite room inside it's eggshell. It can hide in its eggshell at any time. It's name comes from "tamago" the Japanese word for egg, as Digi-Egg called "Digitama" from a Japanese Word. Digitamamon was first seen in Season 1.

Nintendo Games

Digimon World DS

You can only get Digitamamon by hatching a Digi-Egg created by matching two Digimon with the same Nickname. Digitamamon can digivolve into BlackImperialdramon if meet at the correct stats. It is a Holy Digimon.

Digimon World Dawn & Dusk

You can get Digitamamon by Digivolving a Karatsukinumemon, but you need to have Tapirmon first. It can further Digivolve to Devitamamon or Lampmon. It's special attack in enigma, it's a Holy Digimon.

Digimon Racing

Digitamamon is a moving obstacle in the stage Jungle Ruins.


  • Enigma (Hyper Flashing): Releases light with holy energy flashing from inside his eggshell.
  • Nightmare Syndrome: Fires a powerful blast of dark energy from the opening in his eggshell which traps his enemies in an endless nightmare.
  • Swing Egg: Launches egg-like projectiles at opponents.

Twin Attacks

  • Double Nightmare Syndrome: Fires powerful nightmare energy combined with Tapirmon.


  • Digitamamon was a part of the 1.5 inch season 1 Digimon figure series
  • Digitamamon and Machinedramon can be considered the final boss in their debut game Digimon World

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