Digimon Battle Spirit is a game in the Digimon series for GBA, it came out in 2003. The game is a battle game that is a lot like Digimon Rubble Arena and it's sequel Digimon Rumble Arena 2. This game spun off a sequel, Digimon Battle Spirit 2 for GBA as well.


The objective is to hit the other digimon and collect the orbs that come our of them. Whoever has the most orbs wins.


The controls are very simple, A is to jump, while b is to attack. If the player presses up on the d-pad and B at the same time most Digimon will use a projectile. You can also press b in the air to do an air attack. Also double tap the d-pad left or right to run, the player can also press B while during a dash to do a dash attack. To grab, face the oponent Digimon ans hit b and the direction your facing. shield is down on the d-pad but be carefull, grabs break through shields. Also L and R are to taunt. Pick up items by pressing down on the d-pad and B while close to an item.

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