Diddy Kong Racing DS is a remake of Diddy Kong Racing for the Nintendo 64, released on the Nintendo DS in 2007 and included Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. The gameplay is similar to the one in its predecessor with newly added touch screen abilities.


Differences from original game

  • Eight players can play all at once on one Game Pak in multiplayer mode.
  • Multi-Card and Online Play are added as new features.
  • Tracks can now be created and the player can race with T.T..
  • Conker the Squirrel and Banjo the Bear are removed from the game, due to Rare joining Microsoft and were replaced by Dixie Kong and Tiny Kong.
  • Taj and Wizpig are now unlockable playable characters.
  • Each vehicle has a turbo effect that corresponds to an action on the touchscreen. The kart has a tire spin using the stylus, the hovercraft has a propeller spin by blowing into the mic, and the plane has a propeller spin also by blowing into the mic.
  • A new "arcade" mode replaces the "tracks" mode on the original game.
  • There is a cutscene at the start of adventure mode
  • T.T. does not say "Diddy Kong Racing! Press start!" on the title screen.
  • The game now has new sound effects that were not featured in the original game.




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