Dice is a character in the Fire Emblem series. He appears in BS Fire Emblem: Archanean War Chronicles and Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem.


A man with a serious gambling problem, Dice lived a life of constant debt and famine from his poor choices. Years before the War of Shadows, Dice and his daughter Malice were deep in debt and starving in the streets when they crossed paths with the gladiator Ogma. Ogma felt pity for their suffering, and gave them some food to give them hope for the future. Inspired by their savior, Dice and his daughter trained to become professional mercenaries.

War of Shadows

At the start of the War of Shadows, Dice and Malice were hired by the thief Vaam to act as hired muscle while he robbed the Archanean Palace. Dice was insulted by his wage of 250 gold, but being in debt, he had no other choice but to fall in line with his employer. When Rickard offered him and Malice 500 gold as a down payment for services, Dice quickly switched sides and helped Rickard defeat Vaam and the local guards. After the job ended, Dice and Malice parted ways with Rickard, and wandered the land once again. 

After the War of Shadows was finished, Dice and Malice were hired by one of the tribes on Talys planning a rebellion against King Mostyn. When Dice and Malice saw Ogma fighting for the king, they switched sides and helped their savior defeat the rebels.

War of Heroes

After Prince Marth was declared a traitor by Emperor Hardin, Dice and Malice tracked him down to serve in his army. They discovered that he was traveling in Khadein, and followed the army there. After Marth defeated the Khadein mage army, Dice and Malice offered their services to Marth, and were promptly hired by Marth's subordinate Chris.

After the war ended, Dice was given a large reward from Marth, however he gambled his fortune away, and was soon destitute. 

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