Devdan ​is a playable character from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn.


Path of Radiance

Devdan is introduced in Chapter 16, where he is forced to work as a guard to Duke Tanas. As he later learns, to his horror, of Duke Tanas keeping Laguz as slaves from Rolf, Mist, Soren or Tormod, he promptly switches allegiances and enlists into Ike's forces, citing an inability to "forgive such callous and unjust actions".

In the next chapter, Devdan is out admiring the flora growing in an unnamed garden when Ike shows up and engages him in a conversation. He takes the opportunity to question Ike's opinion on the beauty of the plants, to which the latter curtly states that they are "all right". Devdan then expresses disappointment at Ike's "boring" reply, advising him to be more appreciative towards the more mundane things in life by "look[ing] hard enough". Ike replies by bluntly asserting that he does not have the time to be "open to such things", and can only think about "defeating Daein". Evidently unimpressed and unhappy with Ike's second response, Devdan leaves after stating that Ike will "wear out before the fighting begins" if he is too "focused on preparations".

Devdan will then stay on and fight alongside Ike's army until the Mad King Ashnard is defeated. Before parting ways with the army, he expresses relief at the war finally ending, as he "prefers the peace and quiet".

Radiant Dawn

Returning in Chapter 2-3 of this game under the alias of Danved, he offers to assist Geoffrey in charging Castle Felirae, proclaiming that he is "not a citizen of Crimea" and can "fight like ten men". When Geoffrey responds by greeting him as Devdan, Danved asserts that "Danved is definitely not Devdan", and that "many people often make [the] mistake" of mixing the two up. Dumbstruck by Danved's bizarre display of eccentricity, Geoffrey is momentarily stunned, whereupon Danved goes on to shower himself with self-praise, claiming that he can fight "like a bear" and "like a tiger", and is thus "pretty amazing".

Later in Chapter 2-F, Danved arrives in Fort Alpea in the nick of time with the Royal Knights to serve as reinforcements to Elincia's stranded forces.

Danved is later spared when Ashera casts her judgment upon Tellius. He can then be brought into the Tower of Guidance in order to reverse this judgment.

In the epilogue of Radiant Dawn, Devdan/Danved will open a comedy act that is reputed to be able to make practically everyone and anyone burst into peals of laughter.

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