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Detective Pikachu (EU)
Developer(s) Creatures
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) EShop platform icon 3DS platform icon
Accessory(ies) Accessory icon - amiibo - Green
Genre(s) Adventure

03ESRB - E  01PEGI 3  01CERO A 

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Detective Pikachu (JP) is a Pokémon adventure game by Creatures for the Nintendo 3DS starring a talking Pikachu called Detective Pikachu. The player and Detective Pikachu solve various mysteries in their town.

The first episode first released on the Japanese eShop in early 2016, but the second episode did not release until March 2018, in a retail version of both episodes in a worldwide release. A giant-sized Detective Pikachu Amiibo will also be released alongside the game.


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