Detective Dolittle is a low-budget digital video game released on the eShop service for the Nintendo Switch console in 2019. Otherwise a classic detective-style game with elements of adventure and puzzle, one of the game's main gimmicks is the ability to communicate with animals. 

In a nostalgic throwback to the early 1990s, the graphics are animated in the classic 2D, pixellated style.


Detective Dolittle 1

The detectives investigate the case.

The main protagonist of the show is Mr Dolittle himself, an eccentric and introverted man in the neighbourhood who lives with his pet squirrel called Rocky; he has a secret ability to communicate in English with animals.

One day though when he comes back from work, he notices that his chocolate cake is missing; the only clues left at the premises are the mysterious pawprints on the floor. This leads to Mr Dolittle and Rocky to work together as detectives and search for clues to get the cake back. [2]

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