The Destructor is a boss in the original Star Fox. It is fought in the third level, in the Corneria Wildlands.


When it makes its entrance, the tank is seen coming in from one side. Its turrets reveal themselves as their respective pods pop up.

During the fight, the Destructor attacks by shooting Fox McCloud's Arwing. This can be avoided through skilled manoeuvres. The pods must be destroyed before their respective turrets can. Once all three turrets and their pods are downed, Fox can shoot the machine's core. Doing this enough times causes the Destructor to destablize, which causes it to explode.

Name Origin

The name "Destructor" comes from a pun on "Destroyer".

Names In Other Languages

  • Spanish: El Destructor. This literally means, "The Destroyer".
  • Portuguese: O Destructor. As Spanish.
  • Italian: Lo Destruttore.
  • French: Le Destructeur.
  • Japanese: Kōkaku kōgeki tanku. This means "Wide-Angle Attack Tank.
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