A Dessgeega is a species in the Metroid series who first appeared in Metroid for the NES. They later appeared in Super Metroid and Metroid Fusion for the SNES and Game Boy Advance respectively. The species lived on planet Zebes, which is arguably the best known planet in the series (despite the fact that it's now destroyed). Some have also been spotted on Norfair.

The most notable feature of a Dessgeega is its amazing jumping abilities, which they should give thanks to their colossal legs (which happen to be bigger than their bodies). Not only that, though, like most bug-type creatures, they are also able to stick onto walls and ceilings, which gives them a great advantage over their prey.

Currently it has been suggested that the entire species is extinct, on the account that the last known spotting of them were on BioLogic Space Labs spacestation in Metroid Fusion, where they were all eliminated after the ship exploded.

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