Desert Hills is a course in Mario Kart DS and Mario Kart Wii. The obstacles include Pokeys, fireballs made by the Angry Sun, and deep-winding curves including a corkscrew. It is also featured as the first racetrack of the Leaf Cup in Mario Kart Wii.


Mario Kart DS

Desert Hills appeared as a first track of Flower Cup. It features yellow sand, dangerous brown plains and Angry Sun. You might think it is very dangerous sand course because the sand is heavily slowing you down and you can see the lethal brown mountains putting you in danger and it brings Lakitu for a rescue. In lap two, malicious sun will attempt to spit out the snake-like fires in front of you, so think quickly how to AVOID this obstacle! At the first lap you can see the oasis lake with palm trees and lemon-yellow pyramid can be seen next to the nice, harmless white sand. In Grand Prix, after finishing the race, you can see the sky getting orange (it could possibly be a sand dust or harmless sandstorm). In the background, you can see the blue sky with ice-white clouds and yellow pipe.


2-6: Use Bob-ombs to destroy all 5 Pokeys!

4-4: Drive through all 7 numbered gates in order!

===Mario Kart Wii===
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