Densetsu no Starfy is a video game by Nintendo released in September of 2002. The game was developed fully by TOSE, who usually works behind the scenes in their video games. The game, and three of its sequels, were never released overseas in America or Europe, though the fifth one, The Legendary Starfy, finally managed to break that tradition, much to the fans enjoyment. Densetsu no Starfy is usually compared by several people to another Nintendo property, Kirby, as it contains similar gameplay and peppy graphics.


Densetsu no Starfy is a platforming game in a similar vein to those in the Kirby and Mario series. He has basic moves such as jumping, running, and spinning, the latter of which acts as the characters' primary way of attacking. There are a variety of animal suits that the player will ride. In most of the stages you'll generally have to help a character out, whether it be to defeat a boss that's been nagging them or to find an item for them. In the game the character has five hit points which can be replenished by finding certain items around the stages.

While the game is primarily based in the ocean, sometimes Starfy will go above land. The gameplay differs slightly when he's above land, and the player will have to learn the new basics similarly to how he or she had to in the beginning of the game. The mermaid that the player will meet in the game's various levels will refill your health and will become a checkpoint in case the character defeats.

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