Denadoro Mountains is a mountain range in Chrono Trigger. It exists in 600 A.D. The broken blade of the Masamune sword is located deep within the mountains.

The Denadoro Mountains are located on the northern portion of the Southwestern continent of the World Map. Dorino is located to the west and Fiona's Villa is located to the south.


Tata and the Frog

As Crono and his party enter the Denadoro Mountains in search of the Masamune sword, they see the young boy Tata come running out being chased by a Goblin. The party ventures deeper into the mountains and eventually find the chamber that houses the sword. But in order to get the sword, they must defeat the magical creatures Masa and Mune.

After the battle, Masa and Mune agree that Crono and his friends just might be powerful enough to wield the sword. So they hand it over to them, but it's only the blade of the sword. The hilt is missing.

Masa and Mune magically transport the party to the base of the mountain and they head back south to Tata's house in Porre.


There are no specific locations within the Denadoro Mountains.

People and Enemies

The following is a list of important characters and enemies the player will encounter.

People Enemies


Free Lancer
Masa & Mune

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