Dementium II is a DS video game released in 2010. It is a sequel to the 2007 game Dementium: The Ward, also released for the DS.


The sequel to Renegade Kid's 2007 handheld survival-horror game returns players to the role of William Redmoor, who appears to have just undergone brain surgery at the "Bright Dawn Treatment Center" intended to cure psychosis. William awakes to find that he is alone, with fuzzy memories include that your wife was murdered and evidence points to you as the killer. You appear to be in a prison populated by zombies, lunatics, and grotesque monstrosities of bloody flesh like Doom II. In a flash, the set seems to change - a sterile hospital corridors take the place of bloody walls, and undead enemies are revealed to be orderlies and security guards. Unsettling shifts move the player's perceptions from a hospital setting to the hellish surroundings of an industrial dungeon, the game involves exploration and puzzle-solving, as well as combat using a variety of weapons as did in Doom II. New weapons from the original Dementium, such as the sledgehammer, have been added, and the player now holds a flashlight with one hand and a weapon in the other. Dementium II is rated "M" as usual for these games.

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