Dementium: The Ward is a Nintendo DS survival-horror first-person shooter game developed by Renegade Kid, published by Gamecock and released in North America on October 31, 2007. You are William Redmoor, who has an operation on his brain. The Doctor realized that your mind is in danger, so he made nightmare dreams you must fight back to the end to get out. The Doctor calls it the first phase (Dementium II is the second phase). During the game, there is mention of a man who murdered his wife and daughter. It was believed by the staff that William was the murderer. A news report towards the end of the game says that a man was found standing over the dead body of his wife with a gun in his hand. After a brief struggle police shot and wounded the man. His daughter was found alive. Dementium is rated "M", and is not for little kids.

3DS remake

In 2014, Renegade Kid got the rights to the Dementium IP and in 2015, they released a version on the 3DS eShop under the title Dementium Remastered.

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