The airstrip from a bird's eye view.

Delfino Airstrip is the first location of the Nintendo GameCube video game Super Mario Sunshine. In the game, Mario, Princess Peach and Toadsworth, as well as a host of other Toads , will land on the airstrip via Peach's personal airplane. Following this they planned to head to Isle Delfino in order to take a much needed vacation.

However, right before landing, a goop engulfed Piranha Plant emerged from the airstrip almost causing the plane to crash. They managed to stop before running into it, however, and Mario luckily found the device known as F.L.U.D.D. which helped him rid of the plant, thus gaining his first Shine Sprite.

After doing this Mario would be framed by Bowser and Bowser Jr. into spreading toxic liquid across the whole island, and was thus sentenced to clean it all up and retrieve the lost Shine Sprites. After defeating Bowser, Mario could return to the airstrip to participate in a Red Coin collecting challenge.

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